Hands crossed, chanting liturgical symbols to recognize and identify themselves and to gain respect. Battle of bands, the mockery of a symbol, an appreciation of the wrong girl, a hand upturned as a sign of defiance are a crime of treason, guilt to be washed - if necessary - even with the blood and the price of life. These are the "Latin Kings". The "Nation of the kings" or the "Latin Kings" arrived in Italy in 2001. Its made of South American immigrant children, whether born here or arrived through family reunions and uprooted from his childhood. They grew up in a new environment, frustrated by bureaucracy of residence permits that never come, disappointed and angry with the media for the representation of them has been made so far, discriminated compared with their Italian same age boys, struggled by the economic difficulties of the parents often underpaid: it's on the edge of society that only the group can restore their lost identity. This documentary is a gash opened in the darkness of a world still too secret that frightens and intimidates the Italian society.

Lemnaouer Ahmine